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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Many of us started the year feeling like 2020 was a new beginning after a tough 2019

Here in Australia we had a very shaky start with our home burning for weeks on end. But what if 2020 actually is a year of renewal, of a new way to do things or new beginnings...At the beginning of 2020, I chose a word to focus my attention for the year, it was 'rebirth'. What if this is actually all part of the universe reshaping how we are all approaching our lives, our world, our loved ones...What if... The quote below filled me with hope, determination and a shift in focus. Stay safe, be compassionate and be open to the change, whatever it holds. And, what if... If we subscribe to the philosophy that life is always working out for us, that there is an intelligence far greater than humans at work... That all is interconnected. What if... the virus is here to help us? To reset. To remember.  What is truly important. Reconnecting with family and community.  Reducing travel so that the environment, the skies, the air, our lungs all get a break.  Parts of China are seeing blue sky and clouds for the first time in  forever with the factories being shut down. Working from home rather than commuting to work (less pollution, more personal time). Reconnecting with family as there is more time at home.  An invitation to turn inwards - a deep meditation - rather than the usual extroverted going out to self-soothe.  To reconnect with self - what is really important to me? A reset economically. How hard does one need to work to be able to live, to have a life outside of work? To face our mortality - check back into 'living' life rather than simply working, working, working. To reconnect with our elders, who are so susceptible to this virus. And, washing our hands - how did that become a 'new' thing that  we needed to remember. But, yes, we did. There is a shift underway in our society - what if it is one that is favorable for us? What if this virus is an ally in our evolution? In our remembrance of what it means to be connected, humane, living a simpler life, to be less impactful/more kind to our environment. An offering from my heart today. Offered as another perspective. Another way of relating to this virus, this unfolding, this evolution. It was time for a change, we all knew that. And, change has arrived.  What if...

Tayla T

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