My style of bookings - No “LIST” of services.

I am not your porn star escort.

I DON”T have a LIST of things I do. If your looking for that style or a list, I am not for you.

My style of guy Is a boyfriend almost. I prefer and entertain gentlemen that are looking for

a permanent woman they prefer to see on a regular basis.

I am great with that and It really works for me. That way It’s more Intimate for us, Instead of a wham bam thank you maam.

When you have a regular boyfriend style booking over a period of time It becomes very Intimate and personal. We look after each other, In the sac and out. We are there for each other, yet still respecting boundaries. That Is a MUST. A lot of my long time boyfriends are married and happy so to speak. That must always be respected and understood. I have never had a problem with that.

I have been seeing a regular now for 15 years. In that time I have helped him with his marriage, been there for him when his mother and sister passed. Business decisions, etc etc.

He has helped me out with mentoring and whatever I have wanted over the years. Whenever I have needed anything, he’s been right there. I am more than grateful for him.

I love him and he loves me but I am not In love with him. It’s a special and unique situation.

I have had others, like all of us who want to be my permanent partner, I stand strong on this and never bend my rules. But generally, I do longer bookings which are very personal.

I can also do shorter ones, but don’t expect a List.

I hope this makes some sense for you. I will touch on this subject more over the coming weeks.

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