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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Be My Secret - Be My Fantasy - Be My Plaything - Be My Lover

Have you discovered It yet? Being a mature escort I know my body better than ever.

In my 20’s I guess It was just fucking around, but now, It’s a totally different ball game.

How Is It for you? Are you really getting what you need or desire when it comes to sexual pleasure? Is your partner or pleasure companion testing your limits? Has It ever been tested?

Have you ever thought about experimenting with your deep secret desire? Why haven’t you tried It yet?

Is there a need where you have the feeling you want to escape from everything? Even If’s It’s just for an hour or two.

I certainly feel like that. To escape to a world of sexual pleasure. A sexual fantasy. A world of fantasy. It’s an incredible feeling.

I do not judge. I am here to make that fantasy happen with you.

Drop me a line and let me In on your fantasy.

Are you ready to have the time of your life?

Sit back & enjoy the ride…..It’s going to be wild.

Private Tayla T

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